Welcome to Pass Christian, Mississippi
Located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

This site has been created to be a useful location to residents surviving Hurricane Katrina. I grew up in Pass Christian and am posting information for my parents, Lou & Wilma Rizzardi.

Note to Residents of Pass Christian: Once again, this information is from my mother, Wilma Rizzardi, who is married to Alderman Lou Rizzardi (Ward 1). Although this isn't "official" Pass Christian information, it should be accurate.  If you aren't sure, call Wilma or Lou. 

  • Wilma can be reached at 228-216-9121
  • Lou can be reached at 228-216-1121

You can view all of the updates posted below:

Updated 10/8/05

The Town Council Meetings will be changed to Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4pm at the Fire Station on Second Street near Lang Ave.   This will begin this Tuesday, October 11th

They have officially begun the debris cleanup but on the west end of town in Timber Ridge.   They need to get power, water and sewer operational there. In fact, they were threatened by the county to make all of the residents in the Pass leave until this is fixed.  So, their highest priority is to get the utilities working in all areas.

FEMA is apparently feeding those in need (I think near the Park in the Pass).   I hear that the lines are long, so some locals are taking advantage of meals being offered by church groups at various locations.

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Updated 9/20/05 - 9pm as per Wilma Rizzardi

Each Monday at 12:30pm, there is a city-wide council meeting at the fire station on Second Street near Lang Ave.  (I'll find out if this will be moved once they get trailers set up for the new City Hall). 

Yesterday, they extended the time for residents to visit their homes from 8am to 5pm.  The previous rules apply.  

You will need an ID to get a pass.  You can get the pass at Abby Road.  Click here to view map. The pass will then get you through the checkpoints.  

You need to come and comb through the debris to find any belongings that you want to keep.They have awarded the contract of clean-up to the Corp of Engineers.  We do not know when they will begin cleaning up the debris left from Hurricane Katrina.  However, we know that they will not begin this week through Sunday.  So, once again, you are encouraged to come and search through any belongings before the clean-up begins.

The City council are only making decisions one week out at a time.  So, the next meeting will take place on Monday, September 26th at 12:30pm.   I will try and get any new information from my mother that evening.  It is still very difficult to get calls into the area.

On a different note, many of the survivors from Hurricane Katrina were interviewed today (Tuesday, Sept. 20th) by Good Morning America (GMA).  GMA is encouraging any residents that are in town to meet at 6:20am at the corner of Market and Second Street.  They will appear on Wednesday's show "LIVE".   The interviews and the Live segments will appear during this broadcast.

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Updated 9/16/05- As per my stepmother, Pat Erichsen:

You need a pass to get into Pass Christian.  You can get one off of Menge Ave on Abby Road.  Go to the end of Abby Road and the place to go is this neighborhood's clubhouse.  It is well marked with signs.  Bring your proof of ownership here to get your pass.  You can only get into Pass Christian between 8am-4pm, but if you get in, you can leave after this time.  They have 2 checkpoints, one on Menge and the other on Espy.

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Updated 9/14/05  More about accessing Pass Christian

As per Wilma Rizzardi (my mom):A lot of this is a reiteration of yesterday's comments.  There are a few new items towards the end highlighted in bold:

  • Residents can visit between 8am-4pm.  You will need proof of ownership such as a drivers license or car registration.  If home is not habitable, you must leave by 4pm. 
  • If your home is east of Fleitas Avenue and has power and city water, then you can stay at your home. (click here to see map of Fleitas)
  • If your home is west of Fleitas, you will be given plenty of time to search and/or collect your belongings before anything is bulldozed. (click here to see map of Fleitas)
  • Note:  You must stay near your home.  You may not wander further then a few blocks to locate your belongings.  Belongings have been found northwest of their original location due to the direction of the wind/water during the storm.
  • Do not wander around the Pass.  You will be arrested.  This is to prevent looting.
  • You can bring a U-Haul, contractor, insurance adjuster, etc.  However, you must be with these people and they can not come in without you.
  • Authorities are still searching for bodies on the west end of town, so please do not touch any body or body parts.  In fact, stay away if you see anything resembling a person.  You can mark the location with an arrow and a black X using anything you can find.
  • IMPORTANT!  Pass Christian City Council will have meetings OPEN to the Public every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:30pm at the Pass Christian Fire Station on Second Street near Lang Avenue.
  • The Pass Christian City government will be setting up a temporary City Hall and other offices at the Southwest corner of Fleitas and Second Street all the way to the Rail Road Tracks (here the tennis courts used to be) across from the park.
  • Volunteers Wanted!  If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer to help the residents of Pass Christian, have them call Lou Rizzardi.  He is coordinating the volunteers.  His number is:  228-216-1121.Once again, this information is from my mother, Wilma Rizzardi, who is married to Alderman Lou Rizzardi (Ward 1).  Her number is 228-216-9121 if you have any questions. 

Although this isn't "official" Pass Christian information, it should be accurate.  If you aren't sure, call Wilma or Lou.

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Update 9/13/05-Access to Pass Residents Okayed

As per Wilma Rizzardi (my mom):

  • Residents can access their home during the hours of 8am to 4pm.  You must bring proof of residence: drivers license, water, electric, or similar type bill.  
  • You may only visit your property and adjacent properties in order to locate your possessions. 
  • You may not wonder around Pass Christian, particularly the beach, or you will be arrested (I think this is correct). 
  • You may bring a contractor with you.  They must be in the car with you and you must be the driver.  I think this is to deter contractors from coming in and trying to "scam" the residents with high prices and the like (but once again, I'm not sure).
  • If your home has city water and power, you may stay in your home.  I think this applies primarily to certain homes on the east end of town.
  • If your home has city water, you may NOT drink it, not even if you boil it.  This is important.  DO NOT DRINK THE WATER.
  • If your home has city water, please don't flush the toilets unless you have to (after several urinations).  The sewer is still backing up in some places.

I think this is most of the information.  My mother spoke to my husband, so this is second-hand information.  Once again, this information is intended to help Pass Christian residents. 

It is not official "City of Pass Christian" information, just a resident who is trying to help other residents.  My mother is the wife of Alderman Lou Rizzardi of Ward 1.  So, hopefully, the information is accurate. Once again, you can call my mom if you need to reach them.  Her number is: 228-216-9121.   Lou's number is: 228-216-1121.   If my mom calls me, I will post any additional information here.

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September 12, 2005 - Hurricane Katrina Update

Wilma Rizzardi (Lou Rizzardi's wife who is an Alderman for Pass Christian's Ward 1) called me (her daughter) today and told me the following information:

  • There is a town meeting today at 12:30pm to discuss how & when residents will be allowed to get in to inspect their property within the town limits. 

Currently, it has been very frustrating for homeowners because the ways into the city are blocked and they are not allowed in.  Some have traveled many hours just to be turned away.    Lou is trying to get this changed.  Apparently, the fire chief, police chief, and city attorney came up with this policy and they have been slow to change it.  I'm sure that the other alderman on working on this as well.

Wilma is hopeful that by 3pm today, residents will be allowed in.  Be sure you have some identification to prove you are a resident or homeowner.  A drivers license, water or electric bill, or other form of documentation should be sufficient.

  • Timber Ridge is currently unlivable.  If your home survived the storm, it has been flooded and probably has mud, water, and sewer backed up into it.   You will not be allowed to stay in your home overnight but can visit it during the day. 
  • They are very concerned about diseases.  Apparently, Cholera has already been reported in N.O. (this is from Wilma).
  • All structures west of Davis Avenue are unsafe.  Some are standing but like Timber Ridge, all had water, mud, and probably sewer backed up into it.
  • If you come to the Pass, bring heavy boots, rubber/latext gloves, and anti-bacterial lotion.
  • Lou has worked with the Seabees and has arranged for 30 of them to begin work in the Pass from the East going West.  I'm not sure exactly what they are doing.  I'll try to learn more about this if my mom, Wilma, calls back.
  • Lou is swamped with activities and may be hard to reach by phone.  You can call my mom if you need to reach them.  Her number is: 228-216-9121.   Lou's number is: 228-216-1121.

Please note that I cannot call in.  I try 10-20 times a day with no success.  Occasionally, I'll get a call from my mom, Wilma Rizzardi.  If I do, I will post the information here. Also note that this information is not "official" Town of Pass Christian info but information as related from my mother, Wilma Rizzardi.

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